Sunday afternoon

Well, the Kansas City Chiefs won, so that’s a plus for the week. Sunday’s are when I try and do all the big chores of the week like washing bedding and clothes. It’s crazy the amount of laundry two people can make in a week. Lol, that’s life. I have written out our supper menu for the week. We decided to try doing that because after 30 years of marriage, deciding what’s for supper and whose turn it is to decide is old. It stays about the same every day, but I try and make something different once a week. So this week, we will eat leftovers tonight. Monday baked chicken, Tuesday pork chops, Wednesday I’ll try a recipe for a chicken casserole, Thursday hamburger soup, and Friday will be leftovers. Nothing fancy we like it simple.

I prefer to write just little posts because nervous about writing. I hope this gets easier. 😉


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