Shopping, YouTube and Volcanoes

Yesterday after work, I did our grocery shopping. Where we work right now only pays once a month. Because of higher gas prices, I am trying to shop less, so I tried to buy enough for a whole month. Going to town isn’t far, about 10 miles, but everywhere we go, 10 miles. Work, gas, shopping, and soon those miles start adding up. And gas prices went over $3 a gallon here. So staying home is better. When you live 10 miles from every, it makes you think more and plans for what you need. I used to stop at the store every day on my way home, but then they built a new grocery store and closed the store I always went to. The new store isn’t in the path I travel anymore. Then the pandemic happened, and everyone was told to stay home, and my shopping habits changed. We shop online more. It used to be if Walmart didn’t have it; we didn’t need it. Now, if Amazon doesn’t have it, we don’t need it.

After working 8 hours, then shopping and putting it away, it was nice to sit and do nothing for a bit. Luckily my husband was happy with a chicken I picked up that was already prepared for supper. And I put a pizza in the oven for myself, Not the healthiest meal, but we like it. I love pizza. I could eat it all the time. My husband loves chicken the same way. So he eats the chicken and I eat the pizza. We used to cook full sit-down meals, but not anymore. Maybe it’s because we are older and don’t want to eat as much or we don’t want to cook anymore. It works for us.

Today after work it is come home and do nothing. It is my favorite way to spend time. I’m usually not doing completely nothing, I’m usually watching youtube videos but that’s the same as nothing. Right now my favorite video to watch it the live feed of the volcano erupting in the Canary Islands. It’s been erupting for over a month now. That poor island. I feel bad for the people. Homes and crops buried under lava. And they say they don’t know when it will end. But I think it is so fascinating.

One of the first times I wanted to watch the news when I was growing up was when Mt. St. Helen erupted. I was shocked and fascinated. Back then, all I could manage was what they showed on the 5 o’clock news. Later there were some shows about it, but now I can watch a volcano eruption in real-time. And the camera can zoom in and get close-up views. The beauty and destruction are mesmerizing. The fact that nothing can stop it, they can’t say when it will end or what it will do next, is so uncontrollable. We live in a world where we think we can control everything, but not this, I can’t stop watching. I feel sad for the people and the animals for their losses, but I feel amazed at what I see.

Well, I promised my husband and cooked meal from scratch tonight, so I better stop writing. I want to say thank you to my first follower, blmaluso. I hope you enjoy this post too. Please leave me a message if you want to talk. Good night!

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