Today is November 1st; I want to spend this month focusing on the blessings I have received.

Today I am grateful for contentment. Contentment is a sense of happiness and satisfaction. I am content with my life, and I am happy. My life isn’t perfect, but whose life ever is perfect. I have enough, and that’s all I need. Winning the lottery would be fun for about 5 seconds, and then I would be worried about all the people who would want some.

I am content with the way I live my life. I go to work and come home to a house I relax in. If I won the lottery I would buy some more land but I would want it to be in this area. I have lived in this part of Kansas for 50 years. I don’t want to live anywhere else. It’s nice to say you know where this building is, that use to be something else. I know the roads and places to go for different things. I know the traditions and events that take place here. And I know who people are. I would miss them.

I haven’t always been happy, the things that stress me out are not enough time to do everything I want. Not being able to build the house I want because of county requirements. I wanted to build a tiny home, 300 square feet, but the county requires 600 square feet. I get stressed by others who want to control my life. I’m happier when people leave me alone and let me live the way I want. I’m satisfied with the way I live.

I am grateful for what God has given me.

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