I am thankful for movies. I love going to the theater and seeing movies on the big screen eating movie theater popcorn and a bag of candy. I watch them again when they come out on Dvd. I buy movies. I even watch them on my phone.

This year we turned off our satellite dish and are just watching what we can get with an antenna or dvds. That means no Hallmark Christmas movies. I don’t want to pay a subscription fee; that is why we stop the satellite dish, all the costs for different channels is just too much. We did keep Amazon Prime and that includes Prime Video. And they have holiday movies! Yeah!

I am grateful for movies because they can help me feel better when I’m down. The older I get, the sadder holidays are. Family matters prevent me from seeing or even sending gifts to my (step)grandchildren. So it’s hard to get excited about Christmas, except I have always believed that Christmas is important to celebrate even though I never had any children of my own. Watching holiday movies help.

Christmas to me is about the gift God gave us. Because He loves us. And we need to give gifts to each other to show our love for each other and all humanity. They don’t have to cost money. I grew up poor. And even when I was growing up, I believed that Christmas and giving were meaningful. I organized my sister and brothers into singing songs and acting out bits for our parents every Christmas. It created the best memories.

Watching holiday movies today rekindles those feels, and I need that spirit—that feeling of joy, hope, and love. Holiday movies also have magic in them that everything will work out and life still has a happy ending. And that is truly why I love and watch holiday movies.

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